Save a View

» Edit View Information

Use > to denote folders. For example:
Some Spill > 2011 Views > Fish.

If defined, the view description will appear in a pop up window when selecting the view. (HTML allowed)

This will allow this view to be the default view when you login.

Allow other users that have permission to view all the enabled layers to load this view.

» Select Folders/Layers

Select folders & layers to include in the view. Check all layers that should be turned on when loading the view. Highlight layers that should be included, but not turned on when loading the view.

Active View:

  • Background

    • view metadata
    • zoom to extent
    • bring to front
    • send to back
    • expand all selected
    • view data

    » Subscribe to Base Views

    Select the view(s) that you want to include in your own bookmark view from the list of existing shared views below. Be aware that the owner of a shared view might make changes to that view in the future, and that those changes will be reflected in the bookmark view that you create.

    Bookmark Views:

    • save current view
    • load view
    • edit view
    • delete view
    • add to playlist
    • clear playlist
    Zoom Level: